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Boxrite was established in assisting not only those wanting to learn to box but experienced boxers and combat sport practitioners such as MMA fighters
in improving technical skills and tactics to gain a competitive advantage over opponents in the ring.
Much emphasis is placed on clients and boxers being proficient and confident in applying the fundamentals of boxing; stance, footwork,
punching technique and defensive skills performing punching drills on the focus mitts, partner drills and on the punching bag and floor to ceiling
ball, before learning more advanced skills. These skills and the method of training has been proven successful by private clients (non boxers) with none or little experience understanding the skills taught and developing these skills in a short period performing drills and working out on boxing equipment like an experienced boxer, along with boxers both amateur (Olympic Style) and professional training with Boxrite coach Bobby Mayne going on to win State, National, Regional and World Titles. In 2009, the hand written coaching notes on technique, skills, tactics along with fitness and conditioning training routines for boxing collected over the years was to be published as the bestselling boxing coaching book ‘The Art of Boxing: Your Guide to the Sweet Science’ to assist boxing coaches, boxers along with other combat sport athletes, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts on not only learning and teaching of skills but to prepare training and fitness programs to obtain the desired results.

About Us

The Boxrite system of training has taken years to develop from the experiences of Head Coach Bobby Mayne, initially as a boxer, then judge and now coach. Being involved in the sport at different levels both domestically and internationally, he noticed many inconsistencies in teaching and lack of understanding of basic concepts of technique and body mechanics that was not being corrected which in turn impeded the development of the fighter from achieving their true potential in the sport. The training system devised places much emphasis on teaching and establishing the fundamentals technique and body mechanics, then once the foundation is in place it is then easy to build and develop the fighter to an intermediate and elite level.  The success of the Boxrite training system have been demonstrated by Daniel ‘The Rock’ Dawson winning his WBF Super Welterweight World Title (2013 – 2015), assisted Filipino boxers Rey Loreto IBO World Flyweight Title (2014 – Current) , Rey Megrino WBC International Flyweight Title (2012 – Current) and Paul Morison Victorian Super Middleweight Title (2016 – Current).  Competitors from MMA have been successful having trained with Bobby such as top Filipina boxer / MMA fighter Jujeath ’Bad Girl’ Nagaowa who won WIBC International Light Flyweight Title (2015-2016) and both of her OneFC MMA bouts and UFC fighter Brian Ebersole.

Our Book Reviews

Daniel ‘The Rock’ Dawson

After training and being cornered by Bobby Mayne, I am so proud to say what a wonderful journal of text ‘The Art of Boxing: Your Guide to the Sweet Science’ is, never before have I seen such an in depth breakdown of every aspect and technique of boxing that can be easily read and understood from beginner, enthusiast, trainer to the most advanced professional boxer.

I will carry the manual with me to be used during my training and preparation. The manual is an endless amount of information covering every possible part of boxing having the answer for every frequently asked question.

I highly recommend this be read and kept close at hand for regular reference

Former WBF World Super Welterweight Champion  & 7 times World Muay Thai Champion

Jackie Kallen

“This book is great for the beginning boxer. All of the basic fundamentals are here along with very explicit descriptions and explanations. This is a very helpful tool for all young athletes hoping to get into the sport of boxing.”

Boxing Manager, inspiration for the film”Against the Ropes.

Former manager to James Toney (former World Middle & Super Middleweight Champion)

Pierre Karam

The book covers all aspects and avenues of boxing from the basic stance, techniques, guard, defence, offence and everything to do with boxing. Great book all of blood, sweat and tears have been put into this book.

Former WBF Super Middleweight World Champion Former IBC World Title Contender

Freddie Roach

I like the title of this training manual because it is an accurate description of the sport of boxing. This comprehensive training manual is a valuable teaching aid for boxers from novices to top level professionals because it covers different aspects of the training from the important fundamentals of the sport, how to apply these skills correctly in sparring and competition, and to implement a training program to include fitness and conditioning which is vital for a boxer preparing for a bout. This manual will also prove to be a valuable reference tool for coaching boxers

Trainer of World Champion & Current #1 Pound-for-Pound Boxer Manny Pacquaio
World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee (Manager & Trainer Category)
Boxing Writers Association of America Trainer of the Year 2003, 2006 & 2008

Yuri Foreman

“Must say very clear and easy to read. Wish I had something like that when I was just starting boxing.”

WBA Super Welterweight World Champion

Michael Olajide Jr.

“I love what Mayne has done in this book. Whenever I read a “how to” boxing manual, I usually roll my eyes and confirm to myself that people don’t understand the DETAIL that goes into executing a punch. Mayne has done an amazing-detailed job of explaining how to execute the punch down to the wrist rotation. The best in the biz can read this book and reconfirm what they may know! This book is a necessity!”

Former #1 World Middleweight Contender

Jeff Mayweather

“The chapter on ringcraft was pretty interesting and accurate, your instructions were precise and to the point and in the simplest terms so it makes it easy to get your message and instructions across to the readers.”

Boxing Trainer

Former IBO Super Featherweight World Champion

Shannan “Bulli Blaster” Taylor

“Bobby’s boxing manual is an excellent guide for anyone wanting to learn the sweet science of the ring, either to learn the basics for getting fit or to master the advanced techniques and become a great boxer, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

59 fights Won 49 (KOs 35) Lost 7 Drawn 3

Winner of over 14 World, International and Australian Titles in 4 different weight divisions.

Current IBF PanPacific Middleweight and IBF Super Middleweight Australasian Champion (06/09)

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