How to Score a Professional Boxing Round – Part 2

This article continues on how the scoring criteria is applied when judging a boxing bout
Prior to commencement of a boxing bout each judge has to complete the details on the scorecards i.e. boxers names in respective corner, judge’s name and numbering the correct amount of prescribed rounds allocated for the bout, one sheet per round.
After the completion of each round the referee will collect the scorecards from all three judges and hand to the Commission representative to record scores on the tally sheet.
On completion of the final round the referee collects the scorecards and hands to the Commission representative for completion of the tally sheet to determine the result, the final scores will be given to the ring announcer to read out the final scores from each judge to declare the winner.

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How to Score a Professional Boxing Round – Part 1

Many factors influence the judges scoring during a bout. They may have preferred boxing styles and tactics that influence the awarding of points, some may favour technical skills whilst others have a preference for power. This is one of the reasons three judges are seated strategically at separate vantage points around the ring to view bout from different angles to score.

I have judged many professional boxing, Muay Thai and MMA bouts which use a similar scoring criteria. I will attempt to explain the scoring criteria and process used in scoring rounds over the following two articles. Also, having trained boxers at all levels, I have managed to apply the criteria into tactics that may influence the judging panel:

1. Clean Scoring Punches
2. Ring Generalship
3. Defence
4. Effective Aggression

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