Your Guide to Focus Mitt Training (Hard Copy)

Your Guide to Focus Mitt Training eBook introduces the reader to the fundamentals of focus mitt holding, from correct stance and positioning of mitts so that the both the mitt holder and person punching will workout effectively and reducing the risk of unnecessary injury. This eBook also covers devising focus mitt sessions and being aware of incorrect technique by the boxer punching so focus mitt sessions can correct technique as well as improving fitness of the boxer.


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The Art of Sparring: Your Guide to Ring Tactics (Hard Copy)

‘The Art of Sparring: Your Guide to Ring Tactics’ is written by world class boxing trainer and author Bobby Mayne.

This comprehensive training guide to sparring will assist both novice and experienced combat athlete in understanding the
fundamentals sparring and various types of sparring to be able to apply technique and tactics in a supervised and controlled environment.

All the information about sparring is covered in this book:

  • Appropriate equipment to purchase
  • Sparring Drills for different styles of opponents
  • Types of Sparring
  • Anticipating and reading an opponent’s attack
  • Counter punching

After reading this book a combat athlete will have a better understanding on how to get the most benefit from a sparring in applying tactics and skills to better prepare for competition.